Deap Market: Free Alternative to Answer the Public

Deap Market: Free Alternative to Answer the Public

  • Bernard Bado

Answer The Public is a website that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The website allows users to submit a keyword. And based on the given keyword, users will see what questions are people asking about it.

Search results from Answer the Public

Search results from Answer the Public

Answer The Public is gaining popularity. Mostly because it provides users with quick and easy access to information. But despite its gaining popularity, people are still looking for an alternative to this tool.


Answer the Public is a free tool but in a limited way. Users can search for up to 2 keywords per day. If you wish to use the tool more, you have to buy a monthly subscription.

If you're one of those people, you're in a piece of damn luck.

Today, you'll discover a free alternative to Answer the Public.

The tool is called Deap Market, and currently, you're reading a blog powered by Deap Market itself.

Deap Market: Free Alternative to Answer the Public

Deap Market gives you structured search insights, directly from your customers. It's completely free to use, without any limitations, and without the need to provide your credit card.

Deap Market homepage

Deap Market homepage screen

Deap market lets you find what people are searching for, based on your given keywords.

If you're looking for a powerful keyword research tool. Or for a tool to help you come up with plenty of content ideas. You may want to check out Deap Market.

This tool helps you understand what people are searching for when they're online. Using this information, you can create content that is laser-focused on your audience.


I've been personally using this technique. And it helped me to grow a brand new blog to 10,000 visitors within 6 months. If you're interested in how I did it, read the full article here.

Deap Market Search Results

To use Deap Market, you can just head over to the homepage and type in any keyword you want.

Search results from Deap Market

Search results from Deap Market

At the moment, Deap Market provides 4 types of search results:

  • Questions - What are people asking about "your keyword"
  • Comparisons - What are people compare "your keyword" with
  • Additions - What are people complement "your keyword" with
  • Letters - Letter variations for "your keyword"

You can also create your own type of search. However, this option is only available to users with a premium plan.

Deap Market With Keyword Planner

Knowing what keywords to target is a great way to start your content planning. But it's also important to verify that people are searching for the given keyword.


You don't need to pay for any keyword research tools to do this.

The number of monthly searches for any keyword can be looked up in Google Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner is a free tool, and it's a part of Google Ads website.

Using Deap Market in combination with Google Keyword Planner brings you powerful keyword research potential, completely for free.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many great tools that make keyword research and finding content ideas easier. People love to use these tools to make keyword research easier.

SEO tools bring a lot of value to the people that use them, there is no way around it. But for someone, the price to pay for a monthly subscription is just too high.

If you're one of those people, there is no reason to worry. Luckily for you, there are plenty of free alternatives to performing keyword and content research. One of these alternatives was introduced to you in this article. It's called Deap Market, and it's a free alternative to Answer The Public.

In this article, you learned what Deap Market has to offer, and you also learned how to use it for free, to perform powerful keyword research.

With all this information in mind, it's time to start using Deap Market to its full potential.

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